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We are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that transform the way adjusters meet the compliance and certification requirements of firms and carriers.

AdjusterPortal™ allows you to stay up to date on your licensing, certifications, and other pertinent information so you can be sure that your information is up to date, compliant and ready to respond to any firm deployment request in minutes.

Receive automatic notifications of expired licenses and certifications before it becomes an issue. Use the portals convenience function to automatically upload all of your licenses through direct interaction with NIPR. Upload carrier invoices directly into the integrated portal system so they are available to the firm as soon as they are submitted.

  • Manage state licensing
  • Acquire carrier specific certifications
  • Update personal profile information
  • Track deployments, experience and invoicing
  • Create carrier invoices
  • Receive and manage standby & deployment requests
  • Your profiles public info is available to all firms you choose
  • Completely mobile friendly
  • Complete all firm/carrier specific data & docs inside one portal
  • Add your historical experience and much more..
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Some of AdjusterPortals Key Features

NIPR License Integration

Your licenses can be automatically verified by the system using your NPN#, saving you time spent uploading copies of licenses.

Simplified OnBoarding

Onboarding to new firm rosters has never been easier. As you fill out information in the Adjuster Portal it becomes instantly available in the integrated Firm Portal.


Add your historical experience, and all new deployments automatically show in your experience page keeping your resume up to date.

Carrier Documentation

Through our integration with RightSignature® all firm and carrier required documents can be signed an uploaded automatically within the Adjuster Portal.


Receive deployments from multiple firms via text and in your To-Do page of the portal. Accept one and get immediately deployed.

Global Open Roster

Your profile, experience, licenses, & certifications are searchable and viewable by all participating firms. This increases your exposure to more potential deployments.


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